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Mr. Spot Window Cleaning Services
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Pure Water Window Cleaning

5 Star Service

Advantages Of Pure Water Window Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly

No Ladders Needed, No Risk of Injury

We Clean Your Frames and Sills at the same time

Dries completely streak free

What is Pure Water Window Cleaning?

Using the latest water fed pole and pure water system to offer you the best in window cleaning. This system uses pure water pumped through an extending pole to a brush, the window and frame are then brushed and then thoroughly rinsed with the pure water and left to dry for a natural streak free finish.

The pure water is produced by filtering water through a filtration process, this is known as reverse osmosis, and then the water is polished using the de -ionisation process to remove all the minerals and chemicals such as Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Nitrate and many other Chemicals and impurities.

These are known as Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS), this is what causes the spot and streaks when cleaning windows with tap water which could have a TDS reading of 300 parts per million (PPM).

After the filtration process and the deionisation process the TDS reading should be around 000 parts per million (ppm) which is perfect for pure water fed pole window cleaning.

Another advantage of using the water fed pole system is the Health & Safety issues associated with working at height. All windows can be cleaned from ground level which come in line with recent legislation states that alternative methods to ladders should be used where possible, the water fed pole is a safer alternative.

It also means that those hard to reach windows can be cleaned, above conservatory roofs for example, these can not normally be done from a ladder.

Another advantage using a pure water fed pole system is no chemicals needed so the only thing going into the ground around your property is pure water which make us environmentally friendly.